With The Dead: Crown Of Burning Stars

As our Halloween special ends, new music keeps coming in a vigorous pace, much of which is more than worth of taking a better listen at. Not much different aesthetically from the spirit of Halloween we posted a bunch about this past month, the new doom metal supergroup from the UK, With The Dead, have just released their self titled debut album on Rise Above.

The band consists of legendary Cathedral vocalist, Lee Dorrian and founding Electric Wizard members, guitarist/bassist Tim Bagshaw and drummer Mark Greening, both also in the great Ramesses. As it's not hard to guess, the whole project is strongly based on the occult themes its members are so familiar with, with Dorrian's vocal work being probably grittier than ever.

The most satanic record of the year so far, will most likely crush you down like an insect, done slowly, painfully and much sweetly.

The video fr Crown Of Burning Stars is directed by Marc Morris.

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