Windhand: Grief's Infernal Flower

After the well deserved success of Soma two years ago, Windhand and Relapse release another slow burner, one of the best doom metal albums of the year, Grief's Infernal Flower.

71 minutes of slow, heavy doom experience, the new album clearly show's the band's growth and skills, as from the get go the Sabbath-esque epicness of the first couple of tracks showcases their psychedelic heaviness in the best way possible and wins you over.

Directed by Jordan Vance, a new video is already available off the new album, for the track Crypt Key. Check it out right below.

Windhand impressed the fans of the genre in 2012 with their debut, kicked ass with their sophomore album (and first for Relapse) as well as the split EP with Cough and now it's safe to say that they've established themselves as one of the frontrunners in one of today's most interesting and most competitve (due to the many bands that serve the genre impressively) branches of modern metal: Doom!

Buy it on electric blue double vinyl, cassette and digital formats via Bandcamp.

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