Public Image Ltd.: What The World Needs Now

What The World Needs Now is the tenth studio album by Public Image Ltd., released on September 4th by PiL Official Ltd., a return that verifies that their 2012 comeback with This Is PiL was not an one time thing.

The band which in the late 70s formalized and defined post-punk, has surely had its ups and downs over the four decades of its existence, commercially and creatively. The 2015 version of PiL may not include any members of the original lineup other than Lydon, it does include earlier members though, players who have served the genre in other distinctive bands such as, The Pop Group, The Mekons and The Damned.

Lydon at 59 is vibrant, with parts of his Johnny Rotten persona clearly showing and energetic enough to lead PiL to an extensive European tour in September, with a US tour to follow and release another memoir, Anger Is an Energy: My Life Uncensored which was released earlier in the year.

The first single off  What The World Needs Now is Double Trouble, a song about decline, corrosion, the brutality of reality and broken toilets.

Look out for the death-disco brilliance in the album's closer, Shoom (we'll share when it becomes available), most likely to take you back to some gothic dancefloor in 1986.

Get it on double vinyl so to own in a decent size the cover artwork, painted by Lydon.

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