F Ingers: Hide Before Dinner

F ingers is an Australian band, two thirds of which also work together as Tarcar, who released their album, Mince Glace on Blackest Ever Black. In 2013 F ingers released a tape called Broken Fingers on Night People and now they're also on BEB, having recently put out Hide Before Dinner, a bizarre record of strange and elegant beauty.

Not exactly the most pleasant record you could listen to right now, Hide Before Dinner is nightmarish and claustrophobic and even more disturbing than its cover art suggests. It's almost impossible to distinguish what is going on most of the times as the tracks seem amorphous, finding balance between the drowned in cacophonous synths obscure production and Carla dal Forno's echoing haunting mourns.

Described by the label as "deeply drugged, synth-daubed death-folk and DIY electronics of the highest order", Hide Before Dinner is like a suffocating bad trip or a high fever infused nightmare, but what the record lacks in shape and clean production, it makes up for in charm and enchantment.

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