Black Wing: ...Is Doomed

After Nahvalr and Giles Corey, Have a Nice Life’s Dan Barrett's new project is Black Wing. Tagged as "chillwave" on Bandcamp, Black Wing's debut album, ...Is Doomed, is a disarray of negative feelings alongside recovery and liberation. The process of its creation found Barrett in poor health (My Body Betrayed Me), but with a mighty will to overcome and seek some light toward happiness and peace of mind.

Black Wing is a step away from the HANL's guitar-driven material and it's primarily based on electronics; moody synths, drum machines and chilling vocal harmonies that balance out the darkness. Even though the weighing scale is not exactly balanced, as the despair and whole negativity are much more overwhelming, gushing out as honest and very realistic, after a few listens you might come to a conclusion that optimism kinda wins the fight here.

...Is Doomed is out now via The Flenser.

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