The Telescopes: Hidden Fields

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  • 26.8.15

Boy, that wave of shoegaze bands that came in the late eighties and nineties was much to powerful to fade out that fast. From that moment in the mid-nineties when the movement supposedly deteriorated and Britpop took over, you knew that it wasn't really over. It's proven all the time these days, as many of those bands, one by one, they continually keep coming back, release a kick-ass record, go on tour and whatnot.

The truth is The Telescopes never really went away for good. Since their 1989 landmark, Taste, they've been returning to action quite often, expect for that ten year gap between their self-titled album and Third Wave that came out in 2002. The last time we had heard from them was with their 2013 album, HARM that consisted of two long tracks and was recorded in a single take.

If you're up for some incredibly beautiful abstract shoegazing noise, you'll love Hidden Fields. In some such way 26 years after their breakthrough, the band sounds vibrant again, emerging as mature, anarchic, noise-y and drone-y and dark as hell, having just put out their most addictive record since the nineties. The Telescopes don't play the reunion game and they don't promote themselves as the old legends from a celebrated time who came back to force our appreciation and cash in on nostalgia. They just music and release honest records that sometimes come out as ugly and often as beautiful. This one is both.


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