Grave Babies: Holographic Violence

Once in our list of 20 Modern Darkwave Releases with their previous album, Crusher, Grave Babies, the lo-fi punk goth rockers from Seattle, have just released their second LP for Hardly Art, Holographic Violence.

For this one's recording the band has enlisted Bryce Brown of Crypts on bass and Mark Gajadhar of Blood Brothers and Past Lives on drums and added Claire Haranda on keyboards and synths for the live sets.

This time the lo-fi part is set aside and the band sounds more eighties, more new wave and possibly gothier than ever, channelling Jesus And Mary Chain, The Cure and the Movement period New Order. Although their nothing wrong with basement recorded music, Grave Babies are now ready to move on and it won't be much of a surprise if they ever hit the big leagues as well.

Here come the two tracks that lead the album upon its release...

Holographic Violence is out on Hardly Art.

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