Camera Shy: Camera Shy

Camera Shy, the dream pop duo consisting of Nick Bassett and Alexandra Morte, has just released its debut full length album, just in time to score the hottest days of summer.

The band mentions The Smiths, Belle & Sebastian and the calatog of the legendary Sarah Records as their main influences on their self titled album, therefore elements like The Field Mice's mellowness or The Orchids' stripped down purity, are easy to recognize. Camera Shy sound like they're coming from a different, purer and more honest time for music, when everything about the record industry, from the major labels, all the way down to the fans digging in the filthiest second hand stores to get a vinyl album, seemed impulsive and spontaneous. One might speculate that if John Peel was alive today, this might have been one of his favourite acts.

The release comes with a new music video for the song New Something, a collage of old trippy Disney cartoons, for which they have continuously showed appreciation for, that may at first seem a little odd for the song's mood, ultimately it fits its purpose though.

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