Rosetta: Quintessential Ephemera

Philadelphia post metal band, Rosetta, as promised have just released their brand new album, Quintessential Ephemera, in the same manner they've done with their last few releases: pay what you wish direct download through their Bandcamp.

The new album will be also released on physical media via Golden Antenna in Europe, War Crime Recordings (for the double LP) and Init (for the CD) in the US and Tokyo Jupiter Records (for a special edition CD with bonus tracks) in Japan.

As depicted in the very well done documentary, Rosetta: Audio/Visual, the band has gone through highs, lows and dark times in the ten plus years of its existence, but fueled by their love for their art and their dedicated fanbase, they have managed to come through all difficulties and financial struggles and keep Rosetta alive, managing their business independently.

 Quintessential Ephemera is Rosetta's fifth full length album and their first as a five piece.

Show this awesome, honest band all the love it deserves by supporting their new album.

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