Myrkur: Hævnen


Danish black metal sensation, Myrkur, has announced her debut album, which will be simply titled M and it will be out August 21st on Relapse.

After the success of the wonderful EP she released last year, the anticipation for a full length has been quite high, as high as the the bar is now set. The enigmatic figure behind Myrkur recorded M in Oslo, Norway and it features the production work of Garm (Ulver, Borknagar, Arcturus) and a guest appearance from Christopher Amott of Arch Enemy.

Myrkur will be setting her foot on a live stage for the first time ever on July 4th on this year's Roskilde Festival in Denmark, so that would be interesting.

Myrkur about M:

"The album is a story where the songs are connected. It is Nordic folk music, black metal, classical choirs and more. It feels like a soundtrack to some sort of Norse mythology horror movie with blastbeats. I wrote it about many things, as a goddess who wants revenge and to kill off people in my life, perhaps also a side of myself. I feel a strong sense of being divided into two, not one whole. a side of light and a side of shadows battle within me. And sometimes a disassociation to reality. A disconnect to the normal world and to what I am. This album tells my story and the transformation to one is complete in my mind."

Hævnen is the first sample off the new record, stream it right below...