Demon Lung: A Dracula

The sophomore record from Las Vegas doom metal band, Demon Lung, it's called A Dracula and it will be out via Candlelight on June 16th.

The new album has a concept based on the 1977 cult Mexican film by Juan Lopez Moctezuma, Alucarda and it's produced by Men Of Porn's Billy Anderson, the producer responsible for works by bands such as Neurosis, High On Fire, Swans, Sleep, Eyehategod and many more.

Coming three years after the band's first appearance with their Pareidolia EP and two after their much satisfying debut album that made them stand out from the pack of the new doom metal bands that were coming out constantly, it's safe to say that A Dracula is Demon Lung at their most impressive. Associating their music with a satanic occult film like Alucarda seems fitting and appropriate, as those two go together like heart and beat.

Musically the album is a bit faster, full of massive riffs and an expressive poignant voice, courtesy of vocalist Shanda Fredrick, epic and haunting like an evil trance. Off an album that's almost impossible to highlight any of its eight songs, comes Mark Of Jubilee.

Demon Lung were already among the ones to watch in the doom metal genre, but with this one they clear as day establish themselves as one of the best and they have been getting there comfortably and naturally. A Dracula  is one of the most impressive metal albums, or albums in general, of the year so far.


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