Turnover: Peripheral Vision

A couple of years ago, Turnover earned some critical acclaim with their debut full length album, Magnolia, which showed obvious advancement from the band's earlier EP and split releases and now, on their sophomore album release the progression continues.

The new direction for Turnover includes more ambience, echo and reverb, calling to mind the dreamy 90s and their new album, Peripheral Vision, has been produced by Will Yip, the talented producer and engineer who has worked with many and such diverse artists, from Keane to Whirr.

The pop-punk aesthetics Turnover became known for in the first place, now seem like they belong in the past, although the catchy songwriting is still present, the band's overall sound has grown and matured, so much that it made the idea of them opening for New Found Glory, as they did on a recent tour, seem like an odd choice.

The new video for New Scream, directed by Rob Soucy, looks feels and sounds like the 90s. Watch it below and then listen to the album's opening track, Cutting My Fingers Off.


Peripheral Vision on Bandcamp

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