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You've heard the phrase "needs no introduction" before, a saying that couldn't apply better to any other than one of our favourites, the enigmatic musician, author and poet, Wesley Eisold, the man behind so many projects and aliases, all of which we deeply love, but mainly the creative force behind Cold Cave.

Cold Cave's EP compilation, Full Cold Moon, is being released on vinyl for the first time on June 16th via Deathwish Inc.

We recently had the chance to ask Wes a few questions and the answers he provided were, as expected, gratifying.

You've been around creating music for a long time, but there seems to be a certain point when making that turn in your creativity was the most crucial time for you. How was the transition from hardcore punk to Cold Cave, has it been abrupt?

Not at all. American Nightmare was my first band and I haven’t stopped making music since I started with AN in '99. Before that I tried making music too, in all walks of high school humiliation. During Some Girls days I started making music as XO Skeletons which was electronic punk, so it feels really natural and gradual to me to be where I’m at now with Cold Cave. If anything the departure was from relying a lot on other people to make music, to making music myself. Sometimes in life you have to just go for what you want to do. Integrity shows if that’s the place you’re coming from. All making music is is confidence.

About a year ago we made a list showcasing some “Modern Darkwave Releases” that we really like and Cherish The Light Years was our top pick. Do you think the term “darkwave” applies to what you do?

Yeah, sure. People can call it whatever they want. I never think about what genre the music relates to. There’s been such a variety of sound and influence within Cold Cave that I don’t get stuck on how to classify it. It feels open to me and I never wanted to be a part of a scene. I want to be an island.

From the point of view of an underground artist who gets to play in front of a massive crowd, how was touring with NIN and Soundgarden?

A lot of people asked about the tour and wondered if we were nervous about how it’d go over. That was never a concern because just being there means you should be there. I believe in what I do so I’m down to show it to people. I love big crowds and I love small clubs where people lose their minds. NIN is the best. Nothing else to really say.

Last year's Full Cold Moon is now getting the vinyl treatment. Are you a record collector yourself? How do you feel about physical media over digital?

Yeah I am. I’ve bought vinyl since I was a kid and it’s part of what I think about when making music. I still buy vinyl and I also buy digital releases. I usually buy both. I'm really happy Full Cold Moon will be on vinyl since four of the songs haven't been yet and the singles never had distribution.

We are used to frequent releases from you, we were expecting a new album in 2014 that hasn't come out yet. Is the new LP coming any time soon and is it still going to be called Sunflower?

I had planned to release a record but got so into the singles that I rolled with it. Tours kept coming and next thing I knew the year was gone. Even though the singles added up to an album’s worth of material, they didn’t feel like an album to me. I don’t force anything. Sunflower is still the idea when I’m writing but I don’t know if that will be the title when I’m done. I’m getting closer though.

Last year you covered Coliseum's Black Magic Punks. Given that you've expressed your love for your influences numerous times in the past, are there going to be any more cover songs in the near future?

I didn’t mean to cover the song really. I was asked to do a remix of the song and was into the idea, knowing Ryan for years. The last two remixes I had done were for Belle and Sebastian and Nine Inch Nails and I liked taking the vocal tracks and building a different song around them. I thought for Coliseum I’d do the same thing but try using my voice instead and was really happy with it. So much that I ended up using the song as an intro on my last European tour. I love the lyrics and the mood of the song. There are so many songs I want to cover actually, just trying to get there still.

The first edition of Deathbeds has become quite rare. Is there any chance it gets a new edition?

I did do a second edition a few years ago but plan to do a hardcover eventually. I'm always thinking ahead and running out of time so I only get to step back and think about what I should bring from the past to the present every now and then. The book took on a life of its own though and I want it available for people again.

How important is Heartworm Press to you? Give us some insight about what you publish there.

I started making zines which turned into books. Books I wanted to own. I like to buy books like I do records. Zines had kind of died for a bit because everyone was writing online and that wasn’t really doing it for me. So now I release anything of mine that I feel like as well as writing from friends whose work I love.

It feels like presentation and aesthetics are much important to the overall image of Cold Cave, so we've been wondering why there aren't that many music videos available?

Just haven’t really felt like it so far.

Why are people poison?

The world’s changing, getting worse. People are becoming more deceitful I think. It’s not a new trait but it’s one thats becoming more firm. I think there’s hope though. More people are getting hip to not eating meat. That’s cool and shows there is compassion in a world that can feel so blood thirsty at times.

You've been very appreciative of your fans. Does being so come in contradiction with any nihilistic orientation an artist might have?

I’m nihilistic against the world that I don’t understand and that doesn’t understand me. Why would I feel so towards people who connect with me?

How different are you in real life than the mysterious artist persona we see on stage? Does the Cold Cave part ever go away?

I’m an honest person to a fault at times and never chose a persona. I was born different and that difference has gifted me a life that has made me who I am today. Life changes your face. You wear your past. That’s me day in and day out.

Pre-order Full Cold Moon on vinyl and t-shirt bundle via Deathwish Inc.

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