King Dude: Desolate Hour / Rosemary

On June 18th King Dude will be releasing his new album, Songs of Flesh & Blood - In The Key of Light on his own label, Not Just Religious Music.

The latest track to surface off the new record is called Desolate Hour, another spiritual song like the rest of the album is going to be dealing with spiritual revelation, death, loss, love and violence, while Rosemary is a haunting blues rocker, in the best of ways reminiscent of The Bad Seeds.

King Dude himself describes how he felt in the process of creating the new LP:

"At times I thought this record will kill me, writing it and recording it, I felt as though I was going insane. Now that it's done I am convinced not only will people love it, but that I have become stronger than my former self. For this divine work I am given, I am blessed."


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