Wino & Conny Ochs: Freedom Conspiracy

After 2012's excellent Heavy Kingdom, stoner-doom legend Wino and German singer-songwriter Conny Ochs are about to release their second collaborative album, Freedom Conspiracy, which comes out March 27th via Exile On Mainstream.

In the huge career Wino has had so far there have been many highlights, but nothing quite like this quieter but equally heavy, acoustic side of his that carries the folk qualities of its predecessor. The two artists have written all the music together and performed all the instruments themselves with some of the initial recordings dating back to 2013.

“‘Freedom Conspiracy’ means companionship. It means to have each other’s back. This album is about losing and finding belief. And fighting for it.”

...says Conny Ochs and Wino adds...

“Shits changin’ fast. With war on every corner, political theatre becoming increasingly more offensive, and Big Brother and the Globalists intensifying their slow takeover, we offer sounds and vibrations of love, death, happiness and pain! With this music and verse we hope the songs will inspire and uplift, and hopefully unite our searching spirits.”

There are a couple of tracks available to listen right below, the opener, Drain and Timeless Spirit.


1. Drain
2. Sound Of Blue
3. Foundation Chaos
4. Crystal Madonna
5. Shards
6. Time Out Black Out
7. Timeless Spirit
8. Freedom Conspiracy
9. Dirt Floor
10. Heavy Heart
11. Forever Gone5. Shards
12. Invisible Bullets
13. The Great Destroyer


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