Marriages: Salome

Step up LA's Marriages, who ahead of April 7th release of their follow up to 2012's EP Kitsune,  have kindly let us sample the new record, Salome.

Upon first listen, Salome is executed perfectly with a blend of heavy over-driven bass. Emma Ruth Rundle, the singer, at times she channels her inner Kate Bush qualities towards the perfect harmony of the guitars.  It's funny because Rundle and Greg Burns, (one time members of Red Sparowes) formed this project off the back of a band that had no vocal elements, yet it works so well and you wouldn't even know. At times the sound feels as though it's drowning the vocals out, but with that said, it isn't a negative thing, I think it just adds to the mystery and ambiguity of the lyrics, it makes you want to delve deeper. The concept of the album is simple; nine tracks, one word title tracks and a formula that matches the simplicity and minimalism of Marriages sound. Following on the last thing we heard from Marriages back in 2012 with the EP, what we have here is a more established approach, a darker exploration, a more detailed, drawn out and dynamic effort, and although it doesn't shatter any boundaries. We really appreciate what these guys are doing and the way in which they are blending the textures and patterns of the music.

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