George Carlin: Seven Dirty Words

Overall George Carlin has released 22 albums (18 stand-up albums and 4 audiobooks), but somehow there are still rare and unreleased audio recordings of his that we are promised to find out about, coming with the relaunch of his official website.

The remodeled website was up online just a few hours ago, beginning the release of those rare clips with a legendary george Carlin performance from July 21st 1972, when he destroyed Milwaukee Summerfest with a routine called Seven Dirty Words that got him arrested for obscenity.

The great news for the fans of the late comedian don't stop there, as together with the site's relaunch his portrait will be unveiled at the Smithsonian National Gallery and starting April 1st SiriusXM will be airing Carlin's HBO specials, beginning with On Location: George Carlin at USC. Also his daughter, Kelly, is working on a memoir named A Carlin Home Companion, soon to be released via St. Martin's Press.

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