Vanessa Van Basten: Disintegration EP

The latest offering from Italy’s Vanessa Van Basten is an EP out on Taxi Driver Records. Judging from the EP’s title and its cover, you could have guessed it right, it’s all about The Cure.

Vanessa Van Basten chose to cover four tracks out of The Cure’s most acclaimed album. According to the band’s founder, singer/guitarist Morgan Bellini…
The Cure’s Disintegration is one of the greatest albums ever. Making cover versions from this album has been Vanessa’s secret dream for many years. Now four of these covers have been released, evocative, heavy and atmospheric as usual, with the great help of drummer Francesco Valente (Il Teatro degli Orrori) and other special guests like F. Candura (Jennifer Gentle) and L. Fragiacomo (The Butterfly Collectors). Mankind doesn’t make music anymore. It’s time to replay old music without shame!
So, with the help of their friends from the Italian underground rock scene as special guests who provide the ethereal vocals in both male and female form, Vanessa Van Basten stand out with this distinguishing, dark, heavy textured release. As a big fan of the original Disintegration, I find VVB’s version definitely approached with respect, no matter the changes in the song titles. Disintegration EP is an alternative take on these four great songs, while still appreciating one of the best records of all times.


1. Plainbong
2. Doseclown
3. Fascination Trip
4. Retitled

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