Kim Fowley RIP

Rock icon, producer Kim Fowley has died at age 75.

From the early 60s when he produced numerous successful pop records. through the 70s when got to work with Alice Cooper, KISS, Leon Russell, The Modern Lovers and above all, put together and introduced to the world The Runaways and also created many (really many!) solo records, Fowley has been a mad, colourfull, restless character throughout the best years in popular music, until now.

Ace Records’ Impossible But True: The Kim Fowley Story collects many of the one-hit wonder 60s pop hits he was involved in, that some of them have eventually become timeless classics and Norton Record’s One Man’s Garbage and Another Man’s Gold put together even more oddball singles of his.

The first part of his autobiography, Lord of Garbage, was released in 2012 and covers the years 1939-1969, the second part will be called Planet Pain and it will cover his years up to 1994, while the third and last part was supposed to be written on his deathbed.

We’ve put together a playlist of only a few of the tons of stuff he was involved in his half-a-century career, followed by a small gallery of some covers from his solo efforts.

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