D//E Interviews: Creepers

Creepers released their epic debut album, Lush, back in October last year. Post album release, we had the opportunity to ask the band’s co-founder and present member of Deafheaven, Shiv Mehra a few questions…

Congratulations on the completion of the LP Lush - How did you find the production side of the LP?

The production of Lush was an amazing experience for us because we really love being in the studio. We spent a good amount of time working with our engineer Andrew Oswald(secret bathroom) who has a great ear for the sound we wanted to go for.

In what way is Creepers is different from Deafheaven, regarding the creating process?

I think the difference between our two bands is that creepers is structured more around vocal melodies and pop nostalgia than deafheaven which is more of a combination of everyone’s taste and abrasive sound. There maybe some overlap in there though.

What’s the near future for Creepers like? Are you planning any tours?

As for now we are playing Noise Pop festival in San Francisco and some shows with King Woman. There will definitely be some touring this year but with our busy schedules, we try to fit in what we can.

What helps you draw inspiration, and in terms of other shoegaze artists who would you say has had an influence on Creepers?

We draw influence from all sorts of styles not only shoegaze. We originally started this project drawing inspiration from a lot of Goblin and Philip Glass, but our interests constantly change as our music probably will. This particular album was created more in the influence of bands like Chapterhouse and Failure.

How has the success of Deafheaven’s Sunbather helped other bands out there get support, particular in terms of George Clarke’s label All Black Recording Company?

The success of Sunbather opened up a lot of new doors for everyone in the band.  Thanks to george and derek from All black recording company our album and our friend Gary’s (Black Monolith) album got to bring our music out into the light a little as well.

Is there a parallel future for both Deafheaven and Creepers?

Who knows what the future holds for us but for now it looks like we’ll be busy on new records with both bands.


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