Antoni Maiovvi & Umberto: Maria

Law Unit, the new collaboration between Antoni Maiovvi and Umberto, the people who brought you The Hook & Pull Gang, the new live re-imagining of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre score, it is the latest installment of the Death Waltz Originals series.

From the press release:

LAW UNIT feels like exactly that; to paraphrase a certain TV show, “a lone crusader in a dangerous world”. Like a one-car journey into the night of Hades, dissonant synths and intent percussion surrounding you at every move. The cacophony at times is terrifying, the apocalyptic feeling echoing through distant electric guitars and sampled vocal chorus, following you, hunting you. Or are you hunting them? But what makes this record doubly worth your time are the snatches of beauty hidden within, of wonder. Reflective synth lines, guitar, sometimes ambient, other times in the foreground. LAW UNIT is a masterpiece of hard beats and harder synths that you’ll want on your stereo when you’re making that next trip into the dark unknown.

The album drops on March 2015.

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