Abysmal Growls Of Despair: Dark Days

Abysmal Growls Of Despair is a funeral doom, one man project from France. The sole member behind the moniker is Hangsvart and the latest release is Dark Days, released with Satanath Records, Silent Time Noise and More Hate Prod.

I don’t know if the project’s acronym is deliberately designed to spell “A-GOD” as some sort of symbolism or an inside joke or not, but either way Dark Days is not joking and it’s not funny at all. It deals with desperation, hopelessness and misery through fine musicianship and it is much skillfully produced, comprised of funeral dirges, grieving doom-death metal, even imposing spoken word parts that give the overall experience an almost ceremonial feel.

The nightmarish atmosphere of Dark Days is well established under the atmospheric synths, the neo-classical and ambient parts, the heavily distorted and painfully slow guitar riffs, the mournful growls and its proportions in length, as most of the tracks are really lengthy, up to more than 14 minutes long.

For what it’s worth, Dark Days whetted my appetite for some well crafted funeral doom and got me eager to check out AGOD’s other releases, with much enticing titles like Lovecraftian Drone, Nothing More Humane, etc.

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