Spider Kitten: Gore Swan I: Of The Land II: Of The Sea III: Of The Sky

Doom/stoner/experimental heavy rockers from Wales, Spider Kitten, released their latest EP, Behold Mountain. Hail Sea. Venerate Sky. Bow Before Tree., last fall via Undergroove.

Since 2003 the band has released four full-length albums and a significant number of EPs, split and live records, some of which are up for grabs (many for even for free) on their Bandcamp.

The new EP features collaborations with Stuart O’Hara (Acrimony, Iron Monkey, Dukes Of Nothing, etc.) and Charlotte Nichols (Crippled Black Phoenix). Its duration is less than half an hour, but it weighty and teasing enough to leave you hungry for more, for whenever a new full-length drops.

Their name might be a bit misleading for some, but if you like The Melvins, Earth, Om or maybe 40 Watt Sun, Neurosis and the likes, you should give this a chance.

Here’s Gore Swan I: Of The Land II: Of The Sea III: Of The Sky, the EP’s epic 15-minute closer… Beware of the heart-stabbing cello parts at the end of the first part, doom doesn’t get more early-Crippled Black Phoenix-like than that…

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