Carter Tutti Play Chris & Cosey

Besides the recent news about an imminent Throbbing Gristle release, Carter Tutti are set to release a new album on their own CTI label on February 17th 2015.

The new album is called Carter Tutti Play Chris & Cosey and it is going to be exactly what the title suggests, an idea originated from the duo’s live performances of the same concept.

Each format of this new album will feature an exclusive remixed track: Vengeance (Exclusive Remix) will be on the CD, Synaesthesia (Exclusive Remix) will be on the digital download version and the vinyl edition will include all five tracks from their 2014 U.S. limited tour merchandise CD.

Tracklist (CD)

1 Lost Bliss
2 Retrodect
3 Driving Blind
4 Obsession
5 Beatbeatbeat
6 Workout
7 Watching You
8 Love Cuts
9 Sin
10 Dancing On Your Grave

Tracklist (Double Vinyl)

1 Retrodect (2015)
2 Driving Blind (2015)
3 Obsession (2015)
4 Beatbeatbeat (2015)
5 Watching You (2015)
6 Love Cuts (2015)
7 Sin (2015)
8 Dancing On Your Grave (2015)

1 Cowboys In Cuba (Extended Remix)
2 Dancing Ghosts (Extended Remix)
3 Deep Velvet (Extended Remix)
4 Lost Bliss (Extended Remix)
5 October (Love Song) (Extended Remix)

There are neither a cover or any more details revealed yet, but there’s a promo video for SIn directed by Gavin Toomey from his forthcoming Chris & Cosey biographical documentary, as well as audio of the same track up on the band’s Soundcloud.

More info on the album and pre-orders as soon as we get the news.

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