2014 End Of Year Lists: EPs Of The Year

There is a crapload of lists at the end of each year, listing everyone’s favourite albums and films and whatever else they can think of, that came out during the year, but only a handful keeping record of EPs.

D//E loves the EP as a format and we wouldn’t want our favourite ones of 2014 get lost into obscurity, so here we listed just our ten most favourite of the many great EP releases we listened to this year.

10. Dance With The Dead: Into the Abyss

9. The KVB: Out Of Body EP

8. Myrkur: Myrkur

7. Austra: Habitat

6. Nadja: Tangled

5. Youth Code: A Place To Stand

4. Fait: Atmosphere

3. Ceremony: Birds

2. Whirr / Nothing Split

1. Miserable: Dog Days


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