The Staff: Out Of Bounds (1981)

Alongside the many genres our blog follows, you might have noticed how we are often drawn to 80s new wave influenced bands and composers and the imagery around their music, so why not occasionally feature some original 80s obscurities to enjoy…

French band The Staff released one and only record in 1981 called Out Of Bounds. The band consisted of Titanic’s ex members John Lorck and Janny Løseth together with vocalist Mary Ella. The same record was reissued a year later by Sound Of Scandinavia with a different title, City Business, but The Staff never released anything else other than that album and a few singles out of it.

The album is fast, heavy on synths and much influenced by punk, highly energetic electro new wave with interesting song titles as well, like Shut Up Tango, Tcha Tcha China and Paris Mixed Up.

Some of the songs from the album are up on Youtube, compiled right below…

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