Satanic Ceramic

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  • 16.10.14

After seeing that great post on Dangerous Minds, I thought we had to share something about this guy as well.

Tom LaBonty has an Etsy store that sells ceramic figures that had just had a satanic makeover. From Black Metal corpse paint to bat wings to freak mutations and murderous weapons, with a price range from $10 to $70, here are just a few of our favourites from Coffin Collector…

Probably Santa doesn’t think ‘tis the season to be jolly, that’s why he overdosed by the crapper…

…while this Santa just blew his brains out.

A couple of Mother Marys loving their second wave of Norwegian Black Metal.

A little Black Metal angel.

Grandma’s stories can be a bit boring.

This Black Metal Dutch boy is carrying severed limbs in his buckets.

Mother lovingly hugging child.

This monk playing Freezing Moon on his bass.

He’s the greatest dancer…

He is the light in the darkness…

More gothic than gothic…

This species lives only in the frozen mountains of Norway…

Your average out-of-a-70s-giallo-thriller kid.

Enter Sandman…

Family shot at the mall.

Creepiest one yet…

…and Santa Ash.

Check out CoffinCollector on Etsy, cause there are lots more!


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