D//E Interviews: Elin Berlin - Eternal Death

This week, we spoke to Elin Berlin who is part of the force behind Eternal Death. Elin tells us about their musical style and what we can expect from the outfit, in the near future.

Eternal Death is a Swedish artist signed to Labrador (home of The Radio Dept., Club 8, Amanda Mair, Acid House Kings, The Mary Onettes, The Legends, and more. Last year the artist cropped up on our radar with the debut single Head and has now moved on to a more electro pop style.

Photo: Henrik Halvarsson

So, who is Eternal Death, and how did the project get started?

Eternal Death consists of me, Elin Berlin, and Johan AngergÄrd. He started it as a solo project, but soon realized that he wanted it to be something else. He sent me a song and asked me what I thought. I loved it. In the fall of 2013 we revealed the project with a four minute video av total darkness and silence, as suppose to represent eternal death.

How and when did you come up with your artist name?

Johan knew that he wanted to write and create something about these thoughts he had. I guess the name was just a natural aftermath. As you can imagine, many people expect something else because of the name. Some organizers have been shocked when I was a lonely girl, instead of ten bearded men.

When did you first feel the urge to start making music?

We’ve both been making music for a long time, but Eternal Death is of course something different; a new way to express yourself and channel your thoughts. There are of course many reasons that underlie the emergence of Eternal Death. Thoughts and feeling that simply needed a path and a purpose.

Is the album artwork/photograph based on the music or is it the opposite?

Everything is created based on the feeling we want to mediate.

Do you have plans for a full length LP/EP in the near future?

First off is our next single Fade that will be out on September 30th. Other than that we’re currently working on finishing the full length record, which will be out in February.

For new listeners, what style briefly defines your music?

Someone has described as vibrant death-disco with sparkling pop melodies behind an electronic wall of sound. I think its brilliance is the contrasts between the rough, almost industrial noises and my bright, girly voice. We want are songs to be like black holes you can dive into.

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