Youth Code: A Place To Stand // An Overture

Sara Taylor and Ryan George are Youth Code, the industrial duo from Los Angeles that last year released its fantastic eponymous debut LP to great reception.

Their new EP, A Place To Stand is due for September 23rd and it will feature new tracks as well as some remixes from the likes of Corrections House’s Sanford Parker, rap crew Clipping, God Module and Silent Servant. The EP comes via Dais Records on the same date as a compilation album, An Overture, that is going to feature the band’s debut LP together with A Place To Stand and their breakout single 7-inch, Angry Love.

The vinyl edition of A Place To Stand comes in three colour variations: marble, blood stripped black and coke bottle clear green. An Overture CD comes in thick cardstock matte digipack.

Consuming Guilt is the opening track of the new EP and the first song off it the band shared. From Skinny Puppy to raw, dirty punk rock to metal, the many influences of Youth Code are present and visible, yet their anger and intensity feel so refreshing and energizing, like taking a hard beating, only to come out of it as a new revived person. Youth Code are a force without even trying too hard. Self-described as raw, punishing, industrious electronics built from the seeds of hardcore and early Wax Trax, blending chaos with catchy dance undertones, Youth Code are worthy of the attention and the ones to keep an eye open for. This is industrial like back in the day when the term was used to describe acts like TG, Babyland or Pailhead. It has just the right vibe.

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