The Day the King Died

Elvis had a tooth ache that day. With his girlfriend Ginger Alden, he went to the dentist in the middle of the night and when he returned to Graceland he popped some painkillers, to ease the pain.

Later he played some lazy racquetball with his cousin Billy Smith and his wife Jo and after that he played some gospel tunes on the piano and went to bed at dawn, right after he popped some more pills. While in bed, Elvis couldn’t sleep, so he popped some more pills and then some more. At nine-thirty in the morning, he went to the john, holding a copy of The Scientific Search for the Face of Jesus by Frank Adams.

Don’t fall asleep in there, Ginger said to him.

Okay, I won’t, he replied. The very last word he ever said.

A few hours later Ginger knocked on the bathroom door but got no reply. She entered to find Elvis unresponsive, face down on the floor, in front of the toilet. Ginger and some of Elvis’ associates called for an ambulance, which took him to the Baptist Medical Center in Memphis, where the doctors pronounced him dead. Someone from the hospital said that “Elvis had the arteries of an eighty-year-old man…”

It all happened on this date 37 years ago.

Since that day the King has been seen and captured by the media alive and well a number of times. Here are a few of the most hysterical Elvis sightings

Long live the King…!


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