Robin Williams RIP... Part Deux

Robin Williams’ most recent role I had the chance to watch on screen, was on the previous season of Louis CK’s TV series Louie on FX, on an episode called Barney/Never.

Beginning in bare black and white, on that pretty dark segment, Louie meets Williams’ character at a funeral where they were the only two people attended. Later the two get together at a coffee shop, where the talk about the deceased, Barney, a comedy-club owner and eventually both admit that they despised that person, the biggest piece of shit Louie ever knew, as he put it. They talk about his misdeeds and bad behaviour and share stories about what an awful human being Barney was, cheating comedians on money and even stealing huge amounts from his relatives. They particularly recall how persistent he was asking people out to a strip club named Sweet Charity where he spent most of his time, but no one ever took him up.

In an attempt to make up with dead Barney and honour his memory, the two go to Sweet Charity where they turn down lap dances and unintentionally bring the news to the strippers that Barney is dead. This upsets the entire club’s personnel, all devastated start weeping over the big loss, because it turns out that in their world Barney was a loving, generous man that everyone liked. The strippers grief over Night Ranger’s 1983 power ballad, Sister Christian, and the two comedians leave the club, laughing over the incident and promising to each other that they will attend each other’s funerals, because who would want to end up like Barney…?

Somewhat foreshadowing the death of a great actor, this segment in the episode serves as a funny, morbid joke, bittersweet and dark as can be, right at home with Louis CK’s comedic skills. I’m sure he’ll keep his end of the bargain.


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