Remember Remember: Forgetting The Present

Scottish post-rock instrumentalists Remember Remember have released their third full length album, Forgetting The Present, as usual on their fellow Glascewian band’s label, Mogwai’s Rock Action.

The project that started as the work of just one person and developed to a six piece band, Remember Remember sound more confident than ever on this one. Rich textures, beautiful orchestration, eclectic soundscapes that send out melacholy on the air, sudden surprises of heaviness, density and noise, Forgetting The Present is a lull, euphoric experience for the listener. It’s a doubtless artistic work that clearly showcases the band’s qualities and abilities, confirming that the critical acclaim the gained with their previous records wasn’t in any case fortuitous.

Here follows the song Magnets, followed by the music video for La Mayo, directed by Sofia Stavropoulou.

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