D//E Playlist: Der Kosmische Musik

Accompanying playlist to D//E’s list of 25 Seminal krautrock albums, curated by Zombie Rust and featuring much more artists and tracks than those mentioned on the list. 32 tracks, three and a half hours of music… Play loud…

Update: Since the service's demise, our Rdio playlists have been moved to Spotify...

Faust - Krautrock
Out Of Focus - See How a White Negro Flies
Epitaph - Visions - Single Version
Rufus Zuphall - Knight Of 3rd Degree
Jane - Scratches On Your Back
Birth Control - Suicide
McChurch Soundroom - Delusion
Epitaph - Fly
Kin Ping Meh - Fairy-Tales
Lucifer's Friend - Ride the Sky
Frumpy - How the Gipsy Was Born
Weed - Before I Die
Faust - So Far
Tangerine Dream - Rubycon Part One
Kraftwerk - Mitternacht
Cluster - Heiße Lippen
Harmonia - Dino
Faust - Why Don't You Eat Carrots?
Guru Guru - Der Elektrolurch
Sperrmüll - No Freak Out
Embryo - Radio Marrakesch / Orient Express
CAN - Vitamin C
Electric Sandwich - China
Nosferatu - Vanity Fair
CAN - Bring Me Coffee or Tea
Moebius, Plank - Solar Plexus
CAN - She brings the Rain
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