Tigers Jaw: Charmer

Tigers Jaw are an alternative rock band from Scranton, PA. Charmer is their fourth album so far and it’s out on Run For Cover Records.

Only a year ago word had it that Tigers Jaw were supposed to be breaking up, since three of their five members had to quit the band for personal reasons, but the rest of them decided to move on as a duo, while the three departing members hanged around for a bit more and helped finish Charmer as a parting gift to their band mates.

All this turbulence lead to an excellent result that is probably their best album to date. Nothing on the record seems forced. It is equally energetic and melancholic, and a mature, calm and composed work from a constantly evolving band. Brianna Collins, keyboardist and vocalist, learned how to embroider and hand-stitched the cover art herself, a fine example of one’s dedication to what they do, just like everything else about Charmer, it’s all about love and devotion.

The new music video for Hum is derected by Alex Henery.

Run For Cover Records

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