Dalhous: Visibility Is A Trap

In anticipation of their new full length album, Scottish duo Dalhous from the Blackest Ever Black roster, just released a new EP of four new tracks and a remix on He Was A Human And Belonged With Humans. The track comes originally from their previous LP An Ambassador For Laing, and the remix is done by the band’s labelmate, Regis.

This release is inspired by Marc Dall’s interest in the language and imagery of self-help and the anti-psychiatry movement and his obsession with the work of Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laig. The same goes for their forthcoming album, Will to Be Well, which has already been recorded and scheduled to be released this summer.

The EP’s title is a quote by French philosopher Michel Foucault, from his book Discipline and Punish, first published in 1975.

The teaser trailer for the EP is one of the weirdest one ever comes across.

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