The Body: I Shall Die Here

Two of the artists included in our 2013 end of year albums list, Portland based extreme doom metal duo, The Body and London, UK based industrial/ambient musician, Bobby Krlic aka The Haxan Cloak, team up for a new album, titled I Shall Die Here, due on April 1st via RVNG.

The Body attempt to add a vicious twist to the layers of heaviness by dragging The Haxan Cloak into their new, wholly experimental project, and suddenly the term 'art metal' gets a whole new meaning and the results are petrifying. The industrial filters that lay all over the already dark metal soundscapes, contribute for an even more sinister tone than any of their previous records to develop. It’s a spiral of misanthropic negativity, going downwards to unimaginable depths, hauling the mind to shadowy corners, mingling spiteful techno blasts with unbearably heavy guitar riffs, where a dark world meets a darker one.

In a timeframe shorter than a year long, The Body have released an EP, a full length album and now this astounding collaborative LP with an equally brilliant artist. As long as this band is willing to explore non-metal paths to express darkness and heaviness, as long as they’re willing to experiment with electronics, excellence like I Shall Die Here will be certainly accomplished.

Pre-order from RVNG

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