Hexis: Abalam

Hexis is a Copenhagen based black/post metal band, who since 2010 have released a bunch of records and toured all over Europe with bands like Celeste, The Secret and This Gift Is A Curse.

Abalam is a demon, a King of Hell, an assistant to Paimon that possesses and corrupts humans, prompts them to commit lust and leaves them with only one option to free themselves from the possession and that could only be death.

The fact that all 13 tracks in this album are named in Latin, sets the tone for a listening experience equivalent to an exorcism. Everything is drenched in blackness. The tracks are short, gloomy, brutal and intelligent, and with the exception of a couple of cinematique interludes, everything else works like a black tornado of misery, assaulting everything in its path. There’s not a single beam of light in this one, just pain and despair and absolute darkness.

The video for Tenebris, as well as the album’s cover, created by Craig Murray.

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