Ringo Deathstarr: Gods Dream

Unquestionably there will never be another Loveless, so let’s deal with it, don’t search for one. Now that more than a couple of big fat decades have passed since the glory days of shoegaze bands invaded the popular charts and took over for all alternative rock music, what better time to just sit back and enjoy this genre without having to look for the next big thing.

None of these bands will be the new My Bloody Valentine or Ride or Jesus and Mary Chain, no matter how good they are. What’s past is past and this band seems to comprehend that pretty well.

Ringo Deathstarr are not British, they come from Austin, Texas. Gods Dream is their third full length (at least it can be considered a full length in Japan where it’s been exclusively released so far, as a limited 9-track CD through Vinyl Junkie) and it features some of the band’s finest moments to date.

Of course the influences are there, all of them and in plenty. This release is obviously haunted by all bands mentioned above, as well as Swervedriver, early Smashing Pumpkins, Pale Saints, the first Chapterhouse album maybe, but trying to spot every one of them is sort of meaningless, as well as distracting from the actuality of what this release genuinely is. A solid good record.

Buy the Japenese limited edition CD from Vinyl Junkie


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