King Dude: Fear Is All You Know

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  • 7.5.14

Sick video, amazing new album by King Dude on his label Not Just Religious Music, produced by Bill Rieflin, known for his work with Ministry, Swans and Pigface. From the first few listens, it sounds like it may be his best album to date, built around the concept of inner fears and horryfying the audience through song.

King Dude is currently supporting Ghost B.C. on their US tour.


01. Open The Door
02. Fear Is All You Know
03. Maria
04. Devil Eyes
05. Cloven Hooves (Of Fear)
06. Demon Caller Number 9
07. Bloody Mirror
08. Lay Down In Bedlam
09. Bottomless Pit
10. Never Run
11. Miss September
12. Empty House
13. Watching Over You

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