Leave Behind A Groove In The Earth

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  • 14.1.14

Sam Black Church is a historical, built in 1902 gothic style church, located in Sam Black Church, West Virginia. It is also the name of the seminal Boston hardcore band, who started in 1988 and immediately became known for their hyperenergetic live performances as well as their unique blend of groove metal, hardcore and thrash.

SBC disbanded in 2000, but the their cult following remained loyal and SBC reunited for a triumphant live show in Boston in 2007.

Leave Behind A Groove In The Earth is a documentary in the making, by Duncan Wilder Johnson (Thrashachusetts, Destruct-a-thon), that tells the band’s story through their ups and downs, documenting a small but very important part of what is the history of Boston hardcore.

A Kickstarter campain to raise funds for the film’s completion and release is already going on.

Leave Behind A Groove In The Earth Kickstarter campaign

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