Orny Adams Stand-Up // Conan // 01.02.2017

When a late night guest comedian starts off their restricted five minute routine with the gripping declaration that they are "really starting to hate people," it can be quite an attention-grabber. Justifying that statement and squeezing the comedy out of it requires a lot of skill and Orny Adams has no problem in doing so.

Orny Adams who shared the spotlight with Jerry Seinfeld on the 2002 documentary, Comedian, alongside a flood of other great comedians of that time, and who was also a frequent guest on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno in the mid 2000s, has delivered last week's finest guest comic performance on Conan.

Sure, he is a little idiosyncratic, but he has a lot of funny things to say about millenial dumbness and society's lack of common sense...

Watch below...


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