Blue Jean Committee: Catalina Breeze

If you want to know more about Blue Jean Committee's story of fame, fortune and misfortune, all you have to do is watch the last two episodes of Documentary Now, the brilliant series by ex-SNL castmates, Bill Hader and Fred Armisen.

Blue Jean Committee were supposedly a seventies rock band that started out in the Chicago scene, playing blues infused rock, until they decided to relocate to Los Angeles and join the soft rock scene of that era, a move that earned them huge success and left behind a timeless album, titled Catalina Breeze, which everyone now praise as an influential masterpiece, from Kenny Loggins to HAIM to Cameron Crowe.

Those couple of episodes are hilarious and they are clearly penned and brought to the screen by people who are obviously music and pop culture enthusiasts. Nothing here suggests that the story didn't happen in the seventies. Apart from the comedic exaggerations everything else about the Blue Jean Committee is pure seventies LA soft rock and it also sounds damn great! Just take a look at some of the titles; Catalina Breeze, Gentle & Soft, Going Out To Hollywood etc, pair it with the Super 8 shot imagery, their outfits and hair and there you have it!

Catalina Breeze just came out via Drag City as a 12'' EP (custom etched on the b-side) and digital download. The title track has also an official music video directed by Rhys Thomas and Alex Buono.It may be that Blue Jean Committee did not have a real past, but that doesn't mean they can't have a future. Hope we see and hear more of them soon.

Catalina Breeze via Drag City


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