31 Songs Of Halloween: Roscoe Holcomb: Graveyard Blues

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  • 13.10.15

Having been a worker, a coal miner and a farmer most of his life, Roscoe Holcomb begun recording almost in his forties, but the quality of the work he left behind is enough for his legend to live on for many years.

The dramatic tales he delivers through his music, become alive in his falsetto voice, accompanied by guitar, banjo and/or fiddle. As one of the most important artists in the traditional Appalachian folk music, Roscoe Holcomb was unfortunate to have lived a hard life, as expressed vividly through his songs, but lucky enough to have been given a boost by folk music's popularity and its revival wave in the sixties, quickly earning a place among the favourites of artists like Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton.

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