31 Songs Of Halloween: Rob Zombie: Dragula

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  • 16.10.15

When White Zombie disbanded and Rob Zombie returned with his debut, Hellbilly Deluxe in 1998, it was uncertain what the future would hold for him as a solo artist. The movies hadn't happened yet and his notoriety hadn't spread as far as it did in the next decade. Hellbilly Deluxe was a smash hit, definitely lead to success by Dragula, its first single and Zombie's trademark song.

Dragula was inspired by the drag racer DRAG-U-LA, featured in The Munsters in the episode Hot Rod Herman (there's a remix version of the song, entitled exactly that) where Grandpa Munster creates it to win back the Munster Koach that Herman had earlier lost in a drag race. Although the song borrows its title from the drag racer, in the music video Zombie is seen riding the Munster Koach. Both cars where desined by Tom Daniel for the show.

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