March 15 // Albums Of The Month

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  • 30.3.15

March has been anything but quiet for our blog. For once again we went under the adventure of renovating the site, but this time it was the biggest and most troublesome of all the changes we've made so far, since we moved platforms, meaning we had to set up the site all over again. We didn't mind that much the amount of work this required, but what did bother us was that the site was online for a while not working properly.

Now while some work is still being done, most of the site is fully functional again, easy to browse and enhanced with some new features that make D//E much more engaging than before, like a search option, a comments section by Disqus and a related posts section.

For those of you who follow us through our RSS feed, note that it is now changed.

While we did all that, we continued posting new stuff, watched the amazing documentary on Rosetta and had the chance to interview one of our favourites, Wes Eisold, which we'll be posting soon.

Although we didn't think there was anything wrong with our old logo, we're piloting a simpler and more elegant new one, just to make the facelift complete.

Hype Machine updated our new feed and logo in no time, check out D//E there to follow the tracks we post on the blog.

Meanwhile, regarding the new records of the month, here are the choice cuts for March...

Sannhet - Revisionist
Marching Church - This World Is Not Enough
Liturgy - The Ark Work
Carter Tutti Play Chris & Cosey
Primitive Man - Home Is Where The Hatred Is
Swervedriver - I Wasn't Born To Lose You
Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly
Disasterpiece - It Follows
Sumac - The Deal
Urfaust - Apparitions
Therapy? - Disquiet
Leather Nun America - Buddha Knievel


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