Long Live David Pajo

A case of awful news, luckilly ends in a happy ending…

Multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer-songwriter, one of the fathers of post-rock with his nineties band, Slint, the talented in so many levels David Pajo committed suicide just last night. Fortunately he wasn’t successful.

David posted a suicide note online at his blog, Pink Hollers. It’s been reported that fans who saw it were able to contact the authorities on time so that David could be saved and live to see another day.

Just a few hours ago he posted another pic on Instagram of him at the hospital, giving the thumb up. David’s story told through his recent blog post is indeed a heartbreaking and tragic one, one that could have easily devastated anyone in his place. It ending positively as it has just done, brings warmth and hope to anyone who has went through life’s obstacles with so much discontent, just like David’s music under all of his projects and aliases does.

Here’s Over Jordan from one of my D//E's favourite albums of his, Whatever, Mortal as Papa M.


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