I've fallen, and I can't get up!

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  • 30.12.14

VFX artist Dave Fothergill of RealtimeUK created a crowd dynamics test clip using Miarmy, a crowd simulation plugin for Maya. A crowd of a few hundred people running straight towards a huge rotating block, only a handful manage to run through, the rest of them either get shovelled by the block or trip on other fallen bodies and keep spinning around helplessly, unable to get up.

I could keep on watching this if it went on for hours…

Miarmy is designed for crowd simulation, AI and “behavioral animation” and as one can tell by the video, the result is very realistic. The faceless people in the crowd seem desperate to make a run to the other side, but they’re doing it any way, even though the odds are against them, even though all those fellows in front of them fell down and won’t get back up. For the few ones that made it through, it feels liberating and euphoric, but for all the others, it’s just a stressful, agonizing experience going in circles, continually coming back.


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