September 14 // Albums Of The Month

In what might have been the best month of the year so far for music, I can picture every one of these albums in the top spots of the end-of-year list.

Whirr’s amazing new record is a gem of shoegazing distortion and without trying too hard, it delivers. It’s a powerful, dreamy record that in all its fuzziness and noise it’s so articulate and heavier, not only in sound, but in feeling as well, than ever before. The band’s ongoing feud with Pitchfork, as well as their own fans sometimes on the internet, may be amusingly funny, but Sway isn’t anything like that, it’s dead serious and it’s one of the best albums of the year so far.

Electric Wizard continue with their tradition of releasing only awesome music and put out their 8th studio album, that may not reinvent doom metal, it manages to give the people what they want though and satisfy everyone.

Being a huge fan of both artists, I still haven’t accept the fact that Scott Walker and Sunn O))) made an album together and the first few listens have only scratched the surface in my brain, a work that it’s much likely to become a future avant garde classic, awe inspiring from head to toe, from the artwork, its photography and video to the actual, dark as hell music.

Thom Yorke’s unexpected new album can’t be nothing but a most welcome surprise, another experimental “first” for him when it comes to distribution, after Radiohead’s 2007 In Rainbows which was the first name-your-price record on the internet. This time the BitTorrent paygated bundle is another attempt to work aroud the mechanisms of the record companies and deliver the goods directly from the artist to the public. Although I deeply understand that record companies have fed a lot of people working at them over the span of a century, among those myself, this move can nothing but win the respect and support of any music fan out there.

Here are our ten favourite albums this month…

1. Whirr: Sway

2. Electric Wizard: Time To Die

3. Scott Walker + Sunn O))): Soused

4. Thom Yorke: Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes

5. Code Orange: I Am King

6. Earth: Primitive And Deadly

7. Iceage: Plowing Into The Field Of Love

8. Shellac: Dude Incredible

9. Myrkur: Myrkur

10. This Will Destroy You: Another Language


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