ZYGOTE: Scarred

After the legendary crust punks, Amebix, broke up in 1987, three of its four members went on to from Zygote, another dark punk act which left behind a demo tape and one full length album which hasn't been as acknowledged as the Amebix records, but surely represents a band bleeding creativity which still needed to be expressed. Zygote took an approach which feels rather diversified from the furious energy in the music of Amebix, more industrial bent, and more esoteric in essence, and the result goes through post punk, gothic rock and metal to come out the other end as something more detailed than what most of the band's audience expected at that moment.

Zygote was composed of Amebix's Chris “Stig” Miller, Robert “Spider” Richards and George “Smutpig” Fletcher, together with bassist Tim Crow from the ranks of UK deathrockers, Smartpils.

1991's A Wind of Knives, the only full length by Zygote, is released for the first time in the US by Pine Hill Records digitally and on vinyl.


Pine Hill Records


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