Mike XI Williams' Health Condition // Fundraiser

Apparently Mike XI Williams, the frontman of sludge metal legends Eyehategod, is not doing so well. You may have noticed all the tweets and posts in recent weeks coming from all over the internet's rock and metal joints about his condition and the bad shape he's been in.

Mike was in need of a liver transplant after he was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. There was a fundraiser set up for him to help cover medical bills by which they've raised a little over $67K so far, however Mike's condition has gone through some unexpected complications and his family has asked for more help.

On the latest update that went up on the fundraising campaign page, Mike's wife, Michelle, explains much about those complications and what how he had to go through surgery in order to stay alive.

Visit Mike's YouCaring fundraiser page and think about sparing a dime to help him out, otherwise share as much as you can.


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